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National Construction Authority Suspends Licences of 18 Contractors

The licences of at least 18 contractors have been suspended for violating the National Construction Authority (NCA) regulations, while tens of others have been recommended for prosecution.

According to NCA, which is mandated to clear builders and contractors, the move is aimed at eliminating rogue contractors, as well as dealing with malpractices in the building and construction sector.

The authority has recently started inspecting construction and building projects in the country. It says hundreds of contractors risk being deregistered.

Addressing a media sensitisation workshop in Lukenya on Friday, NCA executive director Maurice Akech (left) said: “These contractors have been involved in cases of construction of buildings and structures which ended up with integrity issues and even collapsed”.

Akech, who is the. registrar of contractors, said the board has already forwarded its findings to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation for additional investigation.

“Of course, for the collapse of buildings that, unfortunately, leads to loss of life for the portfolio where the construction happened … It is a very sad thing for a contractor because once you’re suspended, it means for the period you’re in suspension, you cannot conduct any construction business,” he added.

At the expiry of the suspension, the CEO said the contractors are expected to apply to be reinstated “We will check afresh and evaluate you afresh based on the documentation submitted.

Then if you satisfy the requirements, we’ll give you a registration again,” he held. Under the amended act, the CEO said, there’s a provision for a penalty where if, during NCA quality assurance, compliance checks for ongoing construction works, they come across an uncompliant activity.

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