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Purple Dot International Limited at a glance

Known as one of the fast growing and dynamic residential and commercial real estate development companies, Purple Dot has a lot in offering in the development space.
Ranging from office space, warehouses and residentials, the firm boasts of some of its latest developments amid the growing preference demands.
Led by a team of experienced and innovative business partners, the company commits to working towards building investment opportunities for communities across the country and the globe.
The firm further reiterates its endeavor to ride on strong ethics and passion for stability, growth and building a future where thriving financially goes sustainably hand in hand with people and planet.
The firm’s managing director Pravin Pindoriya says they are committed to delivering quality projects at the lowest, most competitive price.
“This through planning and developing buildings in partnership with teams of renowned architects, engineers, interior and building contractors, as well as administration and management support staff,” Pindoriya says.
He adds that they are keen on ensuring affordability with a clear and well structured inclusive approach to project payment plans for investors.
“For individuals who want to buy property for personal use or diversify their investment portfolio, we help them realize a vision that may otherwise have been out of reach for most, with little to no experience in making their industrial, residential or commercial investments grow in value in a sustainable way.”
Below are some of the company’s recent developments.

Purple Tower
Purple Dot Tower

This is a corporate office building that the firm considers as its first EDGE Certified Mixed-Use Development project, located along Mombasa Road.
It is envisioned to be an outstanding commercial property investment opportunity for the growing number of investors in Kenya and the region.
The 14-storey building has recently scooped two awards at the International Property Awards (Africa); best commercial high-rise development and best commercial high-rise architecture.
The facility is also the company’s flagship project in corporate office building space.
It comprises of Grade A offices, conferencing facilities, retail showroom space and a restaurant level sufficiently elevated above level of the new Nairobi Expressway, while fully utilizing the
several access points/roads in and out of the building/surrounding areas.
Further, Purple Tower features a cube design focused around the central open atrium ‘Brahma’, which is uniquely set and detailed for both functionality and as a sustainability feature.
Considering the choice of location in relation to the city’s business hub, the facility is centrally located, and strategically placed near key urban locations including the city’s CBD, Upperhill, Westlands, Industrial Area, Wilson Airport and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and SGR Terminal.
The firm in one of its statements says the building’s design and features intend to negotiate the challenges posed in managing solar exposure while naturally ventilating the spaces, including mitigating any heat gain.
“The design is also structured for orienting circulation areas to circulate air into the central atrium before eventually expelling air through the facade,” the firm says in part.
Structural considerations on energy and water consumption saving measures include increased natural ventilation with operable windows, reduced window to wall ratio and use of external shading devices.
Others involve the use of energy saving lighting to be used in all internal areas and to be in tenant leases, installed occupancy sensors in bathrooms, conference rooms, closed cabins/open offices and use of solar photovoltaics for 20 percent of total energy use.
Therefore, the overall Purple Tower’s energy savings are estimated to be about 27 percent, water savings at 41 percent and 33 percent less embodied energy in building materials used.
Applied water saving measures include, flow faucets in all bathrooms and kitchen sinks and dual flush for WC in all bathrooms and water efficient urinals.
Construction of the Purple Tower began early last year and it was anticipated to be complete within 36 months, looking forward to a handover in the year 2025.
“This is with the zeal to offer our investors plenty of time to plan their investment financing,” Purple Dot says.
Harvest Commercial Warehouse Units
Early last year, the company came up with the plans of constructing a new warehousing hub for light industries in Athi River to tap into the increasing demand in revamping local manufacturing in the country.
This was the Harvest Commercial warehouse unit, located close to the Southern and Northern bypasses, the four-lane Mombasa-Nairobi Highway, and the Syokimau inland container terminal.
It is also among the firm’s newest ongoing warehousing development in the area specifically with light industries in mind, building on the success of Graylands Phases 1-4.
The firm projects a brave face noting that the project is investor attractive for businesses looking to expand outside Nairobi’s crowded Industrial Area and Kitengela.
With the total investment approximated at Sh600 million the project features twenty-Four, 7,425 square feet with 3 level spaces.
“The project guarantees strong and sustainable returns, given the historical performance of our more than 300 warehouses in the area,” the firm says.
It boasts that over the years, its investors have come to value the location, quality, functionality and long-term appreciation of the warehouses as an investment asset.
The facility users also appreciate the design features suited to their businesses as opposed to what is in much larger industrial parks.
With the facility, Purple Dot reiterates that Kenyan businesses can increase their operational efficiencies and product security with access to better logistics, which is critical for Africa’s progress.
“Investors keen on capitalizing on Africa’s potential, warehousing is very critical to Kenya’s logistics value chain.”
According to the CDC Group, the UK’s development finance institution, Kenya has a 16.9 million square foot warehousing gap.
The cost of transporting goods in Africa is believed to be two to three times greater than in industrialized countries, with transportation costs accounting for as much as half of the total cost.
Therefore, the firm reiterates the need to really study the gaps, have an ear to the ground and work on a solution that solves these very real problems.
Last year, the firm noted that the rental is expected to be an estimated Sh. 22 per square foot exclusive of service charge.

Serene Park
Serene Park

The residential facility is located on the main Mombasa Road-Machakos Road junction, 35 KM from Nairobi, 15KM from Athi River and 10 KM from Konza Techno city.
Consists of 4-bedroom All En-suite Villa, a gated community and villas with DSQ.
This type of facility has been very popular with the Kenyan diaspora, professionals and established entrepreneurs working in Athi River, Konza Techno City and even Machakos town as they are 40 minutes from the city.
It informs one of the major reasons why the firm considered its location.

A section of the interior, of Serene Park

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