Naivasha: The Rising Star in Kenyan Investments

Naivasha: The Rising Star in Kenyan Investments
By Larmy
Naivasha is swiftly emerging as the next frontier for investors, both local and international, who are eager to seize the opportunities this charming town has to offer. The recent surge in investment interest can be attributed to the town’s remarkable growth and enhanced infrastructure, which has attracted a multitude of developers and homeowners.

Established in the 1980s by Joseph Thomson, Naivasha possesses a unique combination of key assets that beckon investors. These include access to cost-effective geothermal power, abundant and affordable land, and its strategic proximity to Nairobi. These factors have ignited a rush among investors to make their mark in this promising region.

The extension of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line from Nairobi to Naivasha has further elevated the town’s significance as a trade hub. This development facilitates the efficient transportation of cargo from the port city of Mombasa to Naivasha, significantly boosting trade and commerce in the area.

Abundant and Affordable Land

In Naivasha, acquiring vast tracts of land is a hassle-free endeavor, a stark contrast to major cities where land scarcity poses significant challenges. Naivasha presents minimal legal hurdles for developers, and its proximity to Nairobi only adds to its allure as an investment destination.

Geothermal Power Advantage

Naivasha’s geothermal power plant has considerably lowered energy costs, making it an attractive destination for investors. The ready availability of energy has spurred the growth of various industrial activities in the region. Home to notable companies like Roka Industries (electricity cable manufacturer), Plantec Limited (Kenya’s leading producer of fruit and vegetable seedlings), Keroche Breweries, and Mashwa Breweries, Naivasha offers all the essential ingredients for large-scale industrial success: land, water, and power.

Tabitha Karanja, the Managing Director of Keroche Breweries, once noted that Naivasha provides a conducive environment for thriving industries, citing the area’s abundance of land, water, and power.

Rising Tourism Hub

Naivasha has transformed into a bustling hub for businesses and conferences, ranking second only to Mombasa as a tourist destination, according to the Ministry of Tourism. The town boasts a range of high-end hotels, such as the Lake Naivasha Spa and the Enashipai Resort Lodge, making it an ideal destination for tourists. With its serene atmosphere compared to the bustling Nairobi, it has become the preferred choice for many Nairobi residents. Notable attractions include Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park, and a vibrant ornithological spectacle featuring approximately 400 bird species.

Flourishing Flower Farms

Home to over 50 flower farms, including names like Finlays, V-D Berg, and Longonot Horticulture, Naivasha’s flower industry draws water from the nearby Lake Naivasha and provides employment to over 60,000 workers.

Industrial Parks and Expansion

The government’s allocation of 1,000 acres of land for the Naivasha Industrial Park, located just a short distance from Mai Mahiu town, has paved the way for significant growth in the region’s flower business. This expansion has resulted in the transformation of the park into a multi-billion-dollar seedlings plant, along with the establishment of seven flower farms.

Holiday Homes in Demand

Naivasha’s appeal extends to the flourishing holiday home market, attracting various types of travelers seeking comfortable, affordable, and private accommodations. Changes in spending habits among tourists have fueled the demand for holiday homes, as they offer a more cost-effective and personalized alternative to traditional hotels. Airbnb and similar short-stay platforms have revolutionized the market, making holiday homeowners a prime choice for many travelers.

This shift in preferences has created a substantial market for holiday landlords and landladies. In Kenya, Naivasha, along with the coastal region, has seen a surge in holiday home offerings. Northlake Breeze Estate Naivasha was conceived to cater to the rising demand among holiday homeowners keen to tap into this growing market.

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