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CANTON BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED: Ever determined to provide good quality, timely services and after sales support

CANTON BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION LIMITED: Ever determined to provide good quality, timely services and after sales support

Everyone has a story, they say. This is Canton Building and Construction Limited’s story. In 1996, the company was born and was previously known as Canton Building and Construction by then running as service and construction firm. Its specialty being construction projects alongside Structural Engineering Services for different clienteles in domestic and industrial sectors. The Director, Mr. Manu Kerai, who is a businessman with 20 years of progressive experience in civil projects (Construction and Structural work) successfully steered the company with his clear vision, motivated strategies, hard work and blessings from elders. It’s now called Canton Building and Construction Ltd. and has a broader capacity to undertake huge and major structures.


“Experience is needed to start a building and construction company, my father did repairs and worked with his hands as a ‘fundi'(craftsman) when he came to Kenya, with blessings from the elders and his experience in the industry, he was able to start and build the company, ” said Dr. Yogesh Kerai, Mr. Manu’s son.  Dr. Yogesh has worked for the company for 9 years and is also the Managing Director.

The Company’s main objective is to provide servicers with a State of Art Methodology, solution to suit customer needs in an economical way without compromising on the required quality, quality assurance and Performance Evaluation Programme, in time works completion as per schedules and documentation support. They aim to provide good quality, timely, satisfactory services as well as after sale services. This is unique since most companies are only involved during sales and do not do follow up.

Canton Building and Construction Ltd.’s focus is to take the company to the highest level possible, ensuring it grows from one generation to the next. Their principle ‘work brings work’ has made them gain referrals, tenders, approved proposals. “With our strong and supportive partners including architects, construction team, engineers, labourers, advertisement agencies like East African Modern Builder, we have seen great success in the past 25 years, we are a great team,’’ Dr. Yogesh commented.

Canton Building and Construction Ltd. provides several products including Domestic (Maisonettes, studio apartments, individual houses, swimming pools, gardens, saunas, (steam bath and hot tubs), security walls and fencing). Industrial (Machinery buildings/spaces, warehousing facilities, industrial roofing and ceilings, Industrial Lightings and Electrifications, Office Buildings, Modern Office Set ups and furniture works, hospitals, drainage/ sewerage connection, Gated Community Estate, guest houses, towers, swimming pools, security walls, plumbing, for building).

Five Star Paradise In Kiambu

The company undertakes new projects with: 1. Complete scope of work in building construction projects, (for domestic, industrial and commercial). 2.Complete scope of work in structural erection and modification works related to all sectors of application. 3.Building civil and structural design and architectural drawings, tailor made construction works and projects. Foundation designs and constructions, structural analysis support and consultation services with quantity survey, interior decorations for buildings. Landscaping and beautification of exterior of building. Specialized lifting services and scaffolding support descriptions.

Additional miscellaneous services provided upon customer’s request include tailor made furniture works and interior decorations, modern office set up and automation services, specialized electrical engineering services, specialized painting services, transportation of material (customer specific) and specialized plumbing services.

In every undertaking, we must meet challenges, Canton Building and Construction Ltd. is not an exception. According to Dr. Yogesh, we should not fear challenges, they are our oppositions as they fuel us to work extra hard in order to be victorious, challenges are the driving force to the success of every company and single company or person is excused from experiencing challenges. Some of the challenges the company experiences include inadequate water, uneven terrain, causing delay of work sometimes. Diesel prices have also increased. However, their positive attitude enables them to handle the challenges amicably. The global pandemic which has affected almost all businesses around the world has also slowed down their operations. Due to the curfew imposed in 5 counties in Kenya to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, the company cannot operate up to late hours as it used to do before the pandemic, importing and delivering goods is not easy either due to strict regulations and the market rate is unpredictable. The initial lockdown also saw them close their company, registering only losses. Indeed, these have been tough and trying moments for every company and struggles have been noticed in helping them stand on their feet again. Fear has been born and most developers and contractors are afraid of coming up with projects due to future uncertainties.

In this era of rapid development in technology, Canton Building and Construction Ltd. has not been left behind. They fully embrace technology and are keen to the changes in technology. “Technology makes our work easier and saves time, the tremendous growth in technology allows easy connections and communication with clients and workers, ” said Dr. Yogesh. Flexibility is key as new technologies in communication, building and construction equipment are coming up including machines, water proof cement, doors, lights technologies. The company is up to date with the current technological advancements.

Five Star Paradise Constructed by Canton

Construction industry in Kenya is continuing to grow as roads, rentals and more buildings are being built. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The growth though minimal, is still good to keep the construction companies going and cannot go unnoticed.

Every good work should not go unnoticed and the company recognizes the efforts made by project managers in helping come up with the work as expected. They know what is needed for the project. Architects, Quantity Surveyors, developers themselves can be project managers.

Canton Building and Construction Ltd. strongly believes in teamwork and values every employee from the highest (Managing Director) to the lowest. “Everyone’s input is needed as everyone works hand in hand towards the mission and vision of the company, be it 10 percent or 1 per cent input, they all lead to the success of the company, ” said Dr. Yogesh.

On work and projects, the company gives every project equal amount of time and effort, no matter the size of the project. It also takes pride in all the projects from the smallest to the biggest.

When much is given to you, much is expected from you, the company takes part in CSR activities. “It is good to give back to the community since we were accepted by the community.” said Dr. Yogesh. The Corporate Social Responsibility activities are important as they boost the company’s reputation hence attract more customers. They make one part and parcel of the society.

Canton Building and Construction Ltd. would like to thank their customers, stakeholders and general public, for believing in them, supporting them in any way. Special appreciation goes to their brilliant team, the workers from the highest to the lowest level for working tirelessly towards their mission and vision.




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