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The rise of Archipoint Consulting Architects

Our firm was registered to offer Architectural services in the related fields of Architecture,
Town Planning and project management.
We are striving to improve and expand our consultancy services in various fields of Architecture:
· Interior design
· Town planning
· Technical advising
· Project management
· Landscape design
· The design of different projects
We have invested in the latest computer Aided Design technology, hence delivering a quality
service to our clients.
Archipoint Consulting Architects is a firm managed by 2 architects who are broadly experienced
in Architecture, Planning and Management.
Arch. Alfred Mango is the Managing Director of Archipoint Consulting Architects. He has a
master degree in Architecture from Kharkov State Technical University of construction. and
Architecture. He is a registered Architect in Kenya. He has fifteen (15) years experience in the
practice of Architecture, Project Management, Planning and Landscape Architecture and has
acquired enormous ability of planning and management techniques over this period. He has
undertaken projects in a broad spectrum of building types in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and
Rwanda. The firm has ability to deliver professional services. Has undertaken lengthy study
tours in Russia, Ukraine and other satellite States of former Soviet Union, UK, Germany, Italy,
Sweden among other to study the Architecture and Landscape designs of those countries.
The team leader and project co-ordinator, Architect Alfred Mango is a Professional who will give
the client (employer) a honest account of the project. He has the ability to listen, communicate,
contribute as well as make wise and tactical decisions.
Arch. Alfred Mango worked with Mehraz Ehsani Consulting Architects from 1996 to 1999 where
he was involved in quite a number of different projects.
Arch. David Kashiano is the senior Architect with Archipoint Consulting Architects. He worked
with Ministry of Public works from 1997 to 2006. He was in-charge of the completion of Nyanza
Provincial Headquarters, a fifteen storey office building. This is among the projects he undertook
while in the ministry.
Consultancy Services for Design and Development Options
(iii) Personnel
The firm’s core staff consists of:
· 2 Architects
· 1 Assistant Architect
· 2 Technicians
· 1 Cad illustrator
· 1 Accountant
· 2 administrative
· 1 driver
(iv) Firm’s Philosophy
Our philosophy is to get the best solution within the available resources in line with the needs of
the client.
That is, design the best possible solution within the resources provided by client and ensures the
contractor get it right during construction period.
We are committed in doing all that is possible to ensure the clients get the best value for their
money and time by providing meaningful and practical solutions to projects.
We blend the unique Africa culture with both contemporary and modern designs.
We believe that building like clothes portray who we are. Therefore, we strive to produce
outstanding architecture in the knowledge that such decisions will stand for years as a witness
to our efforts and dedication to the profession.
(v) Core Values:
Integrity: we stand to observe the professional ethics.
Excellence: we strive to give the best based on the needs of client

Some of our projects include:

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